lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

Track list – Sábado 7 de febrero de 2009

Robi Draco Rosa – Penélope

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Silverblade

The Dears – No one ever does

Tripping daisy – Tiny men

The Handsome family – Weightless again

Ryan Adams & The Heartbreakers – Evergreen

End of Fashion – Fussy

The Olivia Tremor Control – Courtyard

Kings of Leon –

Daniel Johnston – Forever your love

Adam Franklin – Morning rain

The Walkmen - Long time ahead of us

Dysfunctional heroes - Outside my door

Interpol – Roland

Daniel Johnston – Love enchanted

Los Campesinos! – We are beautiful, we are doomed

End of fashion – Bullets

The Cure – Underneath the stars

End of fashion – Trust

Dungen – Ingenting Ar sig likt

Zoé – Babilonia

Dark Captain Light Captain - Spontaneous combustion

De la Soul - Bitties in the BK loung

Belle and Sebastian - The state I am in

Beach Boys – Caroline No

Ricardo – Santa Claus te vigila

Robi Draco Rosa – Frío

Tripping Daisy - Waited a Light year

Latin playboys – Dose

The Postmarks - Three little birds

Emiliana Torrini – Tomorrow

Kent – The king if death

The Jesus and Mary chain –Till I found you

Tripping daisy – Sonic bloom

Land of talk - Young bridge

The Jesus and Mary chain – In the black

Dungen – Fredag

Sr. Chinarro – El cuadro

Latin playboys – Ironside

Christina Rosenvinge – Negro cinturón

Andrew Bird – Imitosis (Live in Montreal)

Marina Gallardo - In a frame of my real

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