martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

Track list sábado 14 de febrero

Emiliana Torrini – Easy

Russian Red – Cigarrettes

Laurie Anderson - From the air

Interpol – Evil

Mercury Rev – Chasing a bee

Emiliana Torrini – Wednesday child

Emiliana Torrini – To be free

Hiroshima Atomic Garden – Track 01

Mañana – El fuego en casa

Emiliana Torrini – Baby blue

Emiliana Torrini – Bad things

Emiliana Torrini – Fingertips

Jay Jay Johanson –

American Music club – The stars

Kent – Before all it ends

Adam Franklin – Seize the day

Fleet foxes –

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Everything is alright when your down

Interpol – Hands away

Latin Playboys – Cuca´s blues

Bjorn Norestig – Shot my eyes

Deerhunter – Saved by the old times

Scott Mathew – Habit

Interpol – Untitled

Anthony Green - The first day of work at the Microscope store

Andrew Bird - Dark matter

Bjorn Norestig - We can make it last

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